get a correct moving quotation

Most moving companies send their representative to visit your home in order to assess the number of items you want include. If a movers company is authentic, they would inquire into your personal preferences regarding some particular items and thus be able to give you a thorough and detailed summary of how the whole moving process is going to go through and provide you with an accurate price total for the operation.  To Get the proper Moving quatation ,you need to take the quotation atleast from three to four company.

Here are list of things which needs to be taken care while getting the quotation from Movers and Packers company

Make sure you gave complete list to inspection person


In order to get a accurate moving quotation, it is advisable that you show all of the items you want moved. Professional expert will view your loft if it has proper boarding, is lit and provides safe access.If it doesn’t cover the stated criteria you should ask the move professional about the company’s common practice when dealing with such situations as the different movers and packers companies offer different solutions

Do not forget about any plants in the garden, types of ornaments or furniture that you want moved. These are important items to consider before moving as they affect the space requirements of the vehicle used by the movers and packers company.