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A furniture transport, also called a furniture truck, is the slim alternative to a large moving company. The suppliers of furniture transport take care of smaller transports – such as the transport of the newly purchased sofa from the furniture store to the new home – but also small moves.

The special feature of furniture transport: It is usually only a Mini Truck with a driver used. The service is often used by people who have bought a bulky piece of furniture, but cannot transport. Mainly upholstered furniture, washing machines or pianos are transported. But even mini-moves of 1-room flats or shared flats with a small distance can take over furniture transporters. Please note, however: A furniture taxi only drives once. Repeated reciprocation is not provided.

If furniture transport is required, the provider will not only provide vans and drivers on request. For an additional charge, for example, additional helpers can be added. Many furniture transporters also offer clearing out, apartment resolutions and cellar clearances. By default, a delivery from curb to curb is provided. For an extra charge but also a delivery to the apartment and a carry service can be booked. If you want to do everything on your own, you can only rent the transport vehicle via some furniture transport providers.


Moving companies are currently fully booked in phases of high numbers of relocations, such as the start of the semester. The move must be planned and recorded many weeks in advance. Furniture transports can usually be booked more flexibly.

Our company has been in the market for a long time. This allowed us to constantly expand our services. Of course, this offers you great added value:

For apartment resolutions, Packers and movers ( TrueMovers ) or clearing out, you only need to hire one company, namely us. We take care of the preparation, execution and follow-up of the respective order and hand over the object swept clean if desired. Thus, you save a lot of time, money and of course nerves, because you only need to consult with a contact person.

Whether you need a relocation helper or want to order a complete relocation. Even painting, small repairs or major arrangement are possible.


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Whether you only need relocation helpers or want to order a complete move: With us you are always right. Even painting, small repairs or major arrangement are possible. Here are the details of the individual services of our cheap moving company:


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