Tips for assembling and dismantling the furniture when moving


If the furniture construction in your new apartment should not end in a nighttime, a few points must already be taken into account when dismantling the furniture. Our rough checklist for the systematic dismantling of the furniture, is to help you tremendously with some listed tricks, not to despair when dismantling and building your furniture:

It is necessary to measure the stairwell, doors and transport vehicle before starting to assemble so that you know which pieces of furniture need to be disassembled

  • Remove your furniture from top to bottom
  • remove the shelves
  • mark the position holes of the floors with a pencil
  • number all parts by
  • store small parts, such as screws, in labeled bags
  • remove handles and keys
  • glue the doors and drawers with adhesive tape
  • make construction sketches of complex constructions
  • during transport of cabinet parts, position them back to back
  • put together related parts in the moving trailerFurniture during transport with blankets or similar Protect coatings against scratchesFinally, after the move, we recommend that you have the construction instructions for the re-assembly ready or research them online in advance. However, you should opt for the simplest and most relaxed method: put all the work in the hands of a complete relocation – in our hands!


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